Data Reliability and Management for the Cloud and Block Chain Systems



  • Cooperative Data Protection.
  • Hierarchical Coding for Heterogeneous Cloud.
  • Erasure Coding for Blockchain Systems.


In order to accommodate the ever-growing data from various, possibly independent, sources and the dynamic nature of data usage rates in practical applications, modern cloud data storage systems are required to be scalable, flexible, and heterogeneous. The recent rise of the blockchain technology is also moving various information systems towards decentralization to achieve high privacy at low cost. While codes with hierarchical locality have been intensively studied in the context of centralized cloud storage due to their effectiveness in reducing the average reading time, those for decentralized storage networks (DSNs) have not yet been discussed.

In this work, we develop aa joint coding framework where each node receives extra protection through the cooperation with nodes in its neighborhood in a heterogeneous DSN with any given topology. Our framework considers both centralized and decentralized cloud storage.


Recent results

We presented the first codes with hierarchical locality that achieve scalability and flexibility in heterogeneous cloud storage using small field size. We proposed a double-level construction utilizing so-called Cauchy Reed-Solomon codes. We developed a triple-level construction based on this double-level code; this construction can be easily generalized into any hierarchical structure with a greater number of layers since it naturally achieves scalability in the cloud storage systems.

We have also explored the patterned nature of failures in blockchain systems to design more efficient erasure codes for low storage overhead.

Recent Publications:

  • S. Yang, A. Hareedy, R. Calderbank, and L. Dolecek, “Topology-Aware Cooperative Data Protection in Blockchain-Based Decentralized Storage Networks,” Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Los Angeles, CA, Jun. 2020.
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